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As a child, Cortney Honan was allergic to cow's milk. Her mother's solution was to buy goats and milk the doe for her daughter. Fast forward 20 years later, Cortney and her husband Dave have their own homestead in Snoqualmie, Washington. Cortney missed having goats. They are after all very silly and entertaining creatures! At work, her coworker shared some cabrito and it was amazing! After some research into the health benefits of goat meat, Cortney started looking for a multi-purpose goat. She wanted a substantial breed of goat that would provide milk and meat. Enter the Kiko goat. Kikos are known for being exceptional mothers that produce quality milk. This breed is also naturally parasite resistant and they mature quickly.  In September, Cortney and Dave purchased three Kikos, KCR Kopf Canyon Cavalier (aka Cal), IAD Gingham, and KCR Kopf Canyon Kismet. They are expecting their first set of kids in February 2021!

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