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IAD Alberto

2021 Purebred New Zealand Kiko Buck

Alberto aka Beto is our young buck we got to compliment Cal. And so Cal wouldn't be so lonely when he has to take a break from being with the ladies! Beto loves ear scritches and would love people to think he should get kisses. Sometimes explaining to him that in the fall he isn't very cuddly because he's *ahem* fragrant falls on deaf ears.

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KCR Kopf Canyon Cavalier

2019 Purebred Kiko Buck

Cavalier aka Cal is probably one of the sweetest goats you could ever meet. He doesn't even smell all that bad when its not rutting season! Cal is polite to his ladies and people, even when cookies are involved. We only have one baby on the ground so far, but baby buckling has a very similar personality to his dad. Sweet and a little shy. Contact us if you would like to breed to this handsome guy!

Cal has found some new ladies with Cherry Hill Farm in Duvall!

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2023 Purebred Kiko Wether

Frodo was the result of Beto sneaking into the girls pen and having his way with the ladies. Betty was only 3 months old when she became pregnant and so Frodo was a bit undersized when he was born. This caused him to spend a lot of time with us and we fell in love. Since he didn't grow the way a Kiko should we decided to keep him but to wether (castrate) him. Frodo is a constant source of entertainment and enjoyment around here!

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