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IAD Gingham

2014 Purebred Kiko Doe

Gingham is the first to greet you when you are in the vicinity of the pen. Shes a BIG fan of attention and if you happen to have cookies.... Watch out she will hog them ALL. Even if you don't have treats she love ear scratches and rubs between her horns. She's a fantastic mother at probably the sweetest goat you could meet. But watch out if your a canine! She will make sure they don't touch her baby!

Does: Welcome

HHC Athena

2021 75% Kiko Doe

KCR Kopf Canyon Cavalier x KCR Kopf Canyon Kismet

Athena has turned out to be our biggest doe. Pre-breeding in 2023 she weighed in at 154 lbs! 2023 was her first freshening year and she did quite well. She had a single buckling but her biggest accomplishment is being a very good milk doe! All soaps bought in our store in 2023-24 will be from Athena. When she was young she was a bit standoffish like her mother Kismet. But once she figured out milking was in fact her preferred alone time WITH grain snacks; she was all in!

CamScanner 12-12-2023 14.56
Does: Welcome


2020 Saanen & Mystery Goat cross

We don't truely know what breed of goat Misty is, we just know that she is a precious little goat (compared to the Kikos!). Mist love face massages and attention. She's also a big fan of quiet murmurs and it can take you awhile to figure out its her making the noise! Since the first baby was born Misty seems to be in the babysitter role a lot. She quite good at supervising him!

PXL_20221122_170236151 (1)
Does: Welcome

HHC Mercedes

2021 3/4 Kiko Doe

KCR Kopf Canyon Cavalier x KCR Kopf Canyon Kismet

Mercedes aka Mercy is has been a cuddly curious girl since she was born. She's Athena's twin sister and it took a solid year and half for their colors to change enough to tell them apart! Mercy is professional soap sniffer and model for the website. She quite likes investigating all the scents!

CamScanner 12-12-2023 15.08
Does: Welcome

HHC Betty White

2022 Purebred Kiko Doe

KCR Kopf Canyon Cavalier x IAD Gingham

Betty is a handful. The first goat to demand something is always going to be Betty and if you ignore her she will persist. She is also short and wide due to having Frodo at such an early age. Betty also strongly believes that we control the weather and therefore will log many complaints over too much rain! That said she is also one of the sweetest and will walk up to you for love.

CamScanner 12-12-2023 15.06
Does: Welcome

KCR Kopf Canyon Kismet

2018 1/2 Kiko & 1/2 Alpine Doe

Kismet is the shyest goat. However she always has a slightly startled expression on her face! She's not a big fan of pets or undue attention. But Kismet will beg for treats when she can, especially if pretzels or gingersnaps are the treat. Kismet likes hanging out with Cal the most for naps, at least she did until she became very very pregnant. We are hoping to milk her, but its a learning process for ALL involved.

Sadly Kismet crossed the rainbow bridge June 2021. She lives on thru her daughters Athena and Mercedes.

Does: Welcome
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