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A great loss on the homestead

Friday night for the first time in the 9 years we have lived in Snoqualmie we had a cougar attack. Luckily there was only one casualty, but the loss is devastating all the same. IAD Josefina aka Josie had her neck broken by the cougar and left in the pen. Dave called the Department of Fish and Wildlife to examine her body and confirm what killed her. She had bite marks on either side of her neck consistent with a cougar bite. It's unknown why the cougar left her in the pen, we have a theory it was when the dogs were let out around 11pm and the cat was scared off. The game warden found paw prints and cougar marks around the entire pen.

Josie was a sweet goat that from day one when we brought her home from Ione a Dream Ranch in Castle Rock, WA wanted to be an in your pocket goat. She just wasn't sure how to go about it. Josie like coming forward to get a cookie then she would hang for half a minute contemplating getting an ear scratch like the other goats. It wasn't until the last two months or so that she decided ear scratches were pretty awesome. No matter what cookie or not, she always got a nose boop!

There is one goat that was our escape artist. Josie! She was the first goat to inform me that the hog panels I had put up were too short and she could scale them easily. So up went the top line of electric tape. She occasionally would test it to be sure that it was turned on at all times!

When Misty had her babies last week Josie was the most curious and helpful of our yearlings. She was even assigned babysitting duty when Misty went to go get some food! A rare honor.

We are going to miss the sweet brown goat who was coming out of her shell to meet us. Rest in Peace Josie we miss you!

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