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What a summer!

Summer has whizzed by! The buckling #1 went to his new home in Arlington and is now called Chester, the other kids have been weaned and are working at a friends house clearing brush, we purchased a doeling and buckling from Ione A Dream Ranch in Castle Rock and we lost Kismet.

The good things first! Chester weaned at 48 lbs, which works out to an Average Daily gain of .42 lbs a day. Which isn't bad! The rest of the kids ended up being a tad bigger. with ADG's of .56 (Misty's wether) and .46 for one of Kismet's doelings. Misty's kid #5 is the biggest, we think its because Misty's supposedly part Saanen. Which mixes really well with Kiko. We won't be keeping him. Though I would of been tempted if he had been a doeling! Near the end of July the kids all went to my friends house to be weaned. They made new friends with two Nigerian Dwarf wethers Mac & Cheese. A month later and all the kids are bigger than the dwarfs!

In May we purchased two new kids. IAD Josefina (aka Josie) and IAD Alberto (aka Beto). Both are purebred New Zealand Kiko, and we are very excited to see what they bring to the others! Josie is a bit more personable than Beto but he's getting there! Beto has been a pretty good friend for Cal so far, as in Cal has someone to boss around. Maybe someday Beto will be confident but at only 8 months old its going to be awhile!

In June we lost Kismet to bloat. Over a long weekend when we were at an endurance ride, she escaped her pen and managed to break into the chicken coop. The house sitter didn't know as he found her in a location far away from the coop and she seemed fine. We go home later that day and she still looked fine. The next morning she was gone. We estimate that she had ate about 10 pounds or so of chicken food. Chicken food is very BAD for goats. She will be greatly missed as she was finally coming around to being social with us. That said we will be keeping both of her daughters who are now registered with the AKGA. HHC Mercedes and HHC Athena.

More scenes of goat shenanigans from the summer!

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