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Soap, Soap and more Soap!

Back in September I helped my good friend Robin move her three horses and three dogs to her new home in Texas. It was four days on the road managing the critters and irreplaceable memories. But since I was away for 10 days it was on Dave to feed and care for all of our animals. This included milking Misty. Raw milk really only keeps for 2 or 3 days in the fridge after it has been collected. I had learned from my friend Erin that if you froze the milk you could make soap. I hadn't ever made soap but thought I could share some with her and still have enough for myself to play with. So Dave milked Misty and froze the milk in 4oz cubes.

When I got home I started making soap. What I discovered was that the chemistry and process of soap is insanely fun. Everyone in my life received soap for Christmas! Luckily everyone seems to have enjoyed the soap which really pushed me to make more. The downside is how much you end up with... So I decided to sell some the week of Christmas only to sell out of everything I had made! New Year's Day I set up Honan Homestead Soap!

Check it out!

The goats of course have been a great help with setting up marketing photos. We managed to prevent any soap from being sampled by them, though we did have a few rose petal casualties!

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